Issue 5-6, 2014

Issue 5-6, 2014



Eleventh International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2014, 8-12 June, Varna, Bulgaria

Vol. 49. No 5-6/2014
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA



Special issue: Scientific papers from 11-th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2014, Varna, BULGARIA

Preface by Corr. Member of BAS, Prof. DSc. G. Mladenov 5


A. Shcherbakov, A. Goncharov, A. Kozhechenko, A. Gordenko, A. Sliva, V. Balashov, V. Dragunov, V. Rubtsov
Modern problems and development methods of electron beam welding systems 7

D. Trushnikov, G. Mladenov
Numerical modeling of parameters of the plasma, generated during electron beam welding 13

D. Trushnikov, G. Mladenov, V. Belenkiy, E. Koleva
Ion current collected from generated plasma during EBW 22

E. Koleva, D. Trushnikov, V. Belenkiy, G. Mladenov
Control of electron beam welding of plates, using beam current of back plate side 30

D. Trushnikov, E. Salomatova, A. Tsaplin, V. Belenkiy
Simulation evaporation processes in electron beam welding 34

U. Reisgen, S. Olschok, S. Ufer
Accurate diagnostic of electron beam characteristics 40

E. Koleva, G. Mladenov, M. Kardjiev, D. Todorov
Electron beam characterization at changes of EBW process parameters 46

V. Braverman, V. Belozertsev, V. Bogdanov, N. Uspenskiy, A. Beniyash
Seam tracking during electron beam welding in air 56

V. Laptenok, A. Druzhinina, A. Murygin, Y. Seregin
Compensation of the effect of magnetic fields on the electron beam position in the process of electron beam welding 62

A. Vasilyev, V. Erofeev, V. Sudnik
Mechanism of onset of keyhole depth fluctuations at beam welding process 68

A. Sliva, V. Dragunov, A. Goncharov, E. Terentyev, M. Gribkov
Electron beam welding of elements supporting structure of the front wall module blanket ITER 75

P. Havlík, P. Šohaj, J. Kouřil, R. Foret, I. Dlouhý
EBW of austenitic stainless steel and ODS ferritic steel 82

E. Koleva, D. Trushnikov, V. Belenkiy, G. Mladenov, S. Angelov, D. Todorov
Model-based quality optimization of EBW of steel 90

T. Olshanskaya, G. Permyakov, V. Belenkiy, D. Trushnikov
Influence of electron beam’s oscillations on weld’s structure formation of dissimilar materials on an example steel with bronze 97

I. Pobal, S. Yurevich
Electron beam welding of superconducting cavities made of ultra-pure niobium 103

K. Frikach, J White, J. Houtz
Prediction of the partial penetration depth on 15-5PH materials during electron beam welding 108


M. Grechanyuk, A. Melnyk, I. Grechanyuk, V. Melnyk, D. Kovalchuk
Modern electron beam technologies and equipment for melting and physical vapor deposition of different materials 115

V. Melnyk, I. Melnyk, B. Tugai, D. Kovalchuk
Recent Progress in Development of Gas-Discharge Electron Beam Guns Providing Extension of Their Technological Capabilities 122

Sh. Shi, Y. Tan, D. Jiang, W. Dong, Sh. Wen
Effects of beam patterns on removal of phosphorous in silicon by electron beam melting 126

V. Donchev, K. Vutova, T. Chernogorova
Economic and conservative numerical scheme for non-stationary heat model for EBMR 132

V. Vassileva, K. Vutova, V. Donchev, A. Stoimenov, D. Amalnerkar, N. Munirathnam
Electron beam melting and recycling of Nickel 138

M. Voron, A. Doniy
Structure and properties management of cast α- Titanium alloys, produced by electron beam skull melting with electromagnetic stirring 144


A. Ponomarev, P. Metreveli, A. Metreveli, A. Bludenko, V. Chulkov
Decomposition of a vegetative biomass by electron-beam irradiation and heating 150

P. Metreveli, A. Metreveli, A. Ponomarev, A. Frumkin
The electron-beam treatment of water polluted by humic acids and lignin 157

B. Han, J. Kim, Y. Kim, S. Jung
Electron Beam Technology for Environmental Conservation 163

N. Kuksanov, Yu. Golubenko, P. Nemytov, R. Salimov, S. Fadeev, A. Korchagin, D. Kogut, E.Domarov, A. Lavruchin, V. Cherepkov, V. Semenov
Tendency of development of DC type ELV accelerators for industrial application and research experiments 168

I. Bataev, M. Golkovskii, N. Kuksanov, A. Ruktuev, I. Polyakov, A. Bataev, V. Samoilenko
Surface alloying of titanium alloys with refractory elements by electron-beam processing 174

N. Kuksanov, M. Stepanov, A. Rojkh
Experience of 30 years operation of EB treatment installation at PODOLSKKABEL plant 178


G. Mattausch, B. Zimmermann, F. Fietzke, J.-P. Heinss, B. Graffel, F. Winckler, F.-H. Roegner, Ch. Metzner
Gas discharge electron sources – proven and novel tools for thinfilm technologies 183

N. Grechanyuk, I. Grechanyuk, Е. Khomenko, A. Melnik, V. Grechanyuk
Composite materials with a metal matrix condensed from vapor phase: Dispersion strengthened metals 196

N. Grechanyuk, I. Grechanyuk, Е. Khomenko, A. Melnik, V. Grechanyuk
Composite materials with a metal matrix condensed from vapor phase: Microlayer materials 201

N. Grechanyuk, I. Grechanyuk, Е. Khomenko, A. Melnik, V. Grechanyuk
Composite materials with a metal matrix condensed from vapor phase: Microporous materials 206

P. Zhemanyuk, I. Petrik, О. Gnatenko, Y. Marchenko
Electron beam heat treatment of aircraft engine combustion chamber casings, made of precipitation-hardened heat-resistant Chrome-Nickel alloys 212

R. Fetzer, A. Weisenburger, G. Mueller
Surface layer modification by large-area pulsed electron beams 216

T. Pinto, A. Buxton, K. Neailey, S. Barnes
Surface engineering improvements and opportunities with electron beams 221

K. Vutova, V. Vassileva, A. Stoimenov, E. Koleva, T. Ivanova, G. Bodurov, K. Gesheva,G. Mladenov
Optical and structural investigation of WOx films, deposited by electron beam evaporation process 226


C. Ribton
High angle, high integrity beam deflection 231

V. Engelko
Source of radial converging electron beam for modification of long-length cylindrical targets 236

N. Rempe, S. Kornilov, A. Beniyash, N. Murray, T. Hassel, C. Ribton
Characterisation of electron beams generated by a plasma cathode gun 242

S. del Pozo, C. Ribton, D. Smith
A novel RF excited plasma cathode electron beam gun design 249

I. Melnyk
Simulation of time of current increasing in impulse triode high voltage glow discharge electron guns 254

A. Goncharov, V. Dragunov, A. Sliva, M. Portnov, E. Terentyev, A. Scherbakov
Technological electron beams parameters evaluation based on the optical radiation in vacuum 259

V. Gruzdev, V. Zalesski
Electro-optical characteristics of the beams generated by the electron plasma sources 264

S. Belyuk, I. Osipov, A. Rau, G. Semenov
Electron beam welding machines with plasma cathode gun 269

M. Radchenko, Yu. Shevtsov, T. Radchenko, D. Nagorniy
The exploitation of concentrated energy flows for welding and protective coating production 274


I. Kostic, A. Bencurova, A. Konecnikova, P. Nemec, A. Ritomsky, E. Koleva, K. Vutova, G. Mladenov
Study of electron beam resists: Negative tone HSQ and positive tone SML300 279

V. Kazmiruk, I. Kurganov, T. Savitskaja
Mask less lithography cluster for low and medium volume manufacturing 284

U. Maschke, M. Bouchakoura, Y. Derouichea, Z. Bouberka
Electro-optical devices by electron beam technique: polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials 290

Z. Bouberka, A. Nadim, A. Benabbou, U. Maschke
Radiation-induced degradation of two organic pollutants from aqueous solutions of TiO2 nanocomposites 297


T. Hassel, N. Murray, A. Beniyash, N. Rempe, S. Kornilov
Non-vacuum electron beam cutting – a new high performance process 303

L. Dupák
Electron beam micromachining of plastics 310

А. S. Klimov, А. А. Zenin, Е. М. Oks, О. L. Khasanov, E. S. Dvilis, A. О. Khasanov
Electron beam sintering of ceramics 315

V. Sheliagin, V. Spivac, A. Bematskyy, M. Tirsu
The microstructure of the surface layers by laser and lasermicroplasma doping 319

V. Spivak, V. Khaskin, M. Tirshu
Laser scalpel 324

K. Shimono, N. Fujimura, H. Noguchi, H. Toyota, Y. Shiray, T. Tanaka, K. Vutova
Pulse width dependence of the self-ignited plasma using a plasmabased ion implantation 329

H. Kozai, N. Fujimura, H. Noguchi, H. Toyota, Y. Shirai, T. Tanaka, K. Vutova
Preliminary estimation of incident ion energy by using simulation software (PEGASUS) 334

H. Noguchi, N. Fujimura, K. Shimono, H. Toyota, Y. Shirai, T. Tanaka
Comparison of plasma spectral characteristics using a plasmabased ion implantation 339

K. Kakugawa, M. Kubo, H. Noguchi, K. Shimono, N.Fujimura, Y. Tsuchiya, T. Tanaka
Spore-forming bacteria sterilization using Plasma-based ion implantation 343

N. Fujimura, K. Shimono, H. Noguchi, H. Toyota, Y. Shirai, T. Tanaka
Estimation of self-ignited plasma density by using plasma-based ion implantation 348

E. Krivonosova, A. Gorchakov, I. Ponomarev
Micro-arc oxidation of aluminum alloy 352

V. Spivak, E. Koleva, A. Vlasiuk
Development and generalization of scientific and educational information book in the field of nanoelectronics 356


M. Neumann
Von Ardenne GmbH, Dresden, Germany 360

W. Dorl, H. Schacke, I. Stolberg
Variable shaped beam lithography for micro- and nanotechnology – Vistec Electron Beam GmbH, Jena, Germany 368

T. Vesely, M. Herynk
Reconstruction of Irradiated Specimens – UJV Řež, a. s. Husinec – Řež, Czech Republic 372

P. Szanto
Kurt J. Lesker Co. Ltd. 373

J. Sanderson
TWI Ltd. – Materials joining and engineering technologies 374

Authors’ Index 378

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