Volume 50, Issue 11-12, 2015

Issue 11-12, 2015


Vol. 50. No 11-12/2015
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Georgi M. Mladenov
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Study of power fluctuations and their compensation in a hybrid system with renewable energy sources
Hristiyan Kanchev, Bruno François, Zahari Zarkov, Ludmil Stoyanov, Vladimir Lazarov

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This paper deals with the combined influence of photovoltaic and different wind energy potentials and respectively the produced energy on the operation of an autonomous hybrid system. The studied system comprises a PV generator, ...  read more

Analysis of the torque ripple of permanent magnet synchronous motors with inset and embedded magnets
George Todorov

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This paper analyzes with magnetic field distribution and torque ripple of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) with inset and embedded magnets. An analytical model of the motor has been developed. The model uses iterative ...  read more

Single server queueing model with state dependent arrival and departure rates
Seferin T. Mirtchev

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In this article, a single server delay system with a state dependent arrival and departure processes is investigated. The generalized arrival and service flow with nonlinear state dependence intensities is used. The idea is ...  read more

Globalization and digital privacy
Radi P. Romansky, Irina St. Noninska

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Contemporary Information Society proposes variety of opportunities for communication between users (social networks & social media), different activities and services (cloud computing and mobile cloud computing), sharing ...  read more

Transcranial direct current stimulation: complex protocol and device for neurophysiological investigations
Tatyana Neycheva, Roumen Kirov, Juliana Yordanova, Tsvetan Mudrov, Ivan Dotsinsky

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Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is an emerging technique for noninvasive brain stimulation, which induces plasticity in the brain via application of relatively weak currents through the scalp in humans. In the ...  read more

Computer modeling, simulation and model parameter extraction of submicron integrated circuits using SPICE
Marin H. Hristov, Elissaveta D. Gadjeva

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With the fast development of submicron technologies, the need of accurate modeling, simulation and parameter extraction of RF microelectronic devices increases. The accuracy of the developed models and parameter extraction ...  read more

Comparison between circuits for charging and voltage balancing over series connected elements for energy storage
Dimitar D. Arnaudov, Nikolay L. Hinov, Ivan I. Nedyalkov

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In the following article two circuits for simultaneously charging and voltage balancing are studied and compared. Simulation and experimental studies have been made. They show the changes, which occur during the operating ...  read more

Nanotechnology – the moving force of nowadays electronics, information technologies and telecommunications
Georgi M. Mladenov

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Modern electronics devices and systems, computers and telecommunications are developing due to the achievements in nanotechnologies – a new scientific and applied field that uses the application of methods and techniques ...  read more