Volume 51, Issue 3-4, 2016

Issue 3-4, 2016


Vol. 51. No 3-4/2016
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Gergana I. Vacheva, Nikolay L. Hinov
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Thermophysical simulation of thermoelectric cooling system
Ivaylo Belovski, Boris Evstatiev, Anatoliy Alexandrov

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The main active element in thermoelectric cooling systems is Peltier module. Its action is based on the Peltier effect, which results in the conversion of electrical power into a temperature gradient. This article presents ...  read more

Impulse control of a DC motor with active driver circuit
Ivan P. Tanev, Svetoslav Cv. Ivanov

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This paper describes a study and the results obtained from the implementation of pulse control over a DC motor by means of both a conventional and an active driver for controlling the powerful MOSFET. The studied active driver ...  read more

Radiocommunication systems for the developing countries – the Bulgarian contribution
Veselin B. Demirev

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In the last several months, the world and the global media attention were focused exclusively toward the refugees, going from near east to the developed Central European countries. It was explained, that most of them are economical, ...  read more

Hall sensors action with new interpretation
Siya V. Lozanova, Levon O. Altunyan

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A novel manifestation of the Hall effect in conducting materials, semiconductors included, in the temperature range 77 K – 300 K has been experimentally observed. The nature of this phenomenon is the appearance of magnetically ...  read more

Ethernet based street lighting control system
Stefan Bobev

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Presented an alternative design provides centralized management of street lighting through wired communication between modules. This communication is based on a widespread and generally available in each locality Ethernet ...  read more

Specific occurrences in DC/DC converters used in flyback mode
Tatyana Neycheva, Jecho Kostov

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The flyback commutation mode is usually chosen when capacitor has to be charged to certain high voltage. The power source supplies portions of energy into the field of air gap transformer that are further transferred to the ...  read more

State of the art of structures and main components of hybrid and electric vehicles
Gergana I. Vacheva, Nikolay L. Hinov

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The main objective in this paper is to review the most widely used structural schemes of hybrid and electric vehicles and their basics blocks. The various sources of energy are consistently presented – fuel cells, batteries ...  read more