Volume 53, Issue 5-6, 2018

Issue 5-6, 2018


Thirteenth International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2018, 18-22 June, Varna, Bulgaria

Vol. 53. No 5-6/2018
Monthly scientific and technical journal
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The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA



Special issue: Scientific papers from 13-th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies ...  read more

Model for heating stainless steel by an electron beam
S. Plotnikov, R. Kimossov, A. Myakinin, A. Turlybekuly, N. Yerdybayeva

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The distribution of thermal fields is simulated with the thermal action of the electron beam on stainless steel. To obtain data on the temperature distribution in the material, thermal loads are modeled. Two heating options ...  read more

The investigation of relationships between material’s structure, crystallography and mechanical properties for some construction materials on the base of samples with circular stress point
Regina V. Rodyakina

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The results of analytical study of relationship between strength and plastic properties of a series of structural materials are presented. For this purpose the behavior of different materials during the stretching process ...  read more

Real time FPGA-based seam finder for EBW facility
Mikhail M. Sizov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Alexandr S. Tsygunov, Alexey M. Medvedev

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We present an approach to build of real time continuous seam finder module with waveform generator (arbitrary signal can be generated), which allows automatic coordinate correction within 2ms on the go. Module is made for ...  read more

Investigation of long-life cathode EB guns for welding of turbochargers
Sofia del Pozo, Colin Ribton

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This paper describes a laser heated cathode gun design which uses a lanthanum hexaboride button in a diode configuration. Beam currents up to 40 mA at – 60 kV were generated by using laser powers in the range of 19 to 83 ...  read more

EBW of nuclear pressure vessel steels
Bernd Baufeld, Joshua Priest, Thomas Dutilleul

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Part of the mission for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) is to develop, mature and deploy advanced manufacturing technologies in the nuclear manufacturing industry. Electron beam welding (EBW) ...  read more

Experiments with EBW setup with possibility of right angle beam turn
Oleg N. Alyackrinskiy, Michail Yu. Kosachev, Pavel V. Logatchov, Aleksei M. Medvedev, Vadim A. Pavluchenko, Tatyana V. Rybitskaya, Yuri I. Semenov, Michail M. Sizov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Aleksandr S. Tsyganov

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The results of electron beam right angle turn experiments in EBW setup are presented. For beam turn we use an alpha magnet and quadrupole lenses. As a result the cathode is not exposed to the vapors of the workpiece. The use ...  read more

Optimization of EB keyhole welding of aluminum to titanium alloy
Petr Havlík, Jan Čupera, Jan Kouřil, Ivo Dlouhý, Rudolf Foret

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In directly keyhole electron beam welding of Ti/Al alloys the heterogeneous interfacial reactions were found in the weldments. The intermetallic brittle phases (e. g. Ti3Al) formed at the weld joint and affected ...  read more

Mass production welding of die-cast aluminium alloys by electron beam
Daniel Drimal, Frantisek Kolenic, Lubos Kovac

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This contribution presents the solution of technological aspects in mass production of die-cast aluminium alloys as well as the design of new modules necessary for successful dealing with production. The welded parts are made ...  read more

EBW technology of combined bandage of high-speed electric machine rotor
Victor K. Dragunov, Andrey P. Sliva, Egor V. Terentyev, Alexey L. Goncharov, Artem Yu. Marchenkov, Maxim A. Portnov

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Welding technology for the high-speed rotor combined bandage made of dissimilar ferromagnetic and paramagnetic alloys is developed. The possibility of high-quality welded joints obtaining with the free weld root formation ...  read more