Volume 50, Issue 9-10, 2015

Issue 9-10, 2015


Vol. 50. No 9-10/2015
Monthly scientific and technical journal
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The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Elena Chervakova, Marco Goetze, Tino Hutschenreuther, Hannes Toepfer, Bojana Nikolić, ...  read more

Comparison of different models for determining the grounding rod resistance
Nenad N. Cvetković, Dejan B. Jovanović, Aleksa T. Ristić, Miodrag S. Stojanović, Dejan D. Krstić

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Calculation methods, simulations and experimental measurement are carried out in the paper. The procedures include Method of Moments (MoM), empirical engineering equations for design of horizontal and vertical grounding rod ...  read more

Design of near perfect reconstruction IIR QMF banks
Nikola V. Stojanović, Dragana U. Živaljević, Negovan M. Stamenković

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In this paper, we present a novel approach for the design of near-perfect-reconstruction twoband IIR quadrature-mirror filter banks. The proposed design method is carried out in the polyphase domain, where IIR filters are ...  read more

FDTD simulation in wireless sensor antenna application
Bojan Dimitrijević, Bojana Nikolić, Slavoljub Aleksić, Nebojša Raičević, Hannes Toepfer, Elena Chervakova, Tino Hutschenreuther

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In this paper an own developed FDTD simulation environment is employed for antenna analysis in a wireless sensor network for traffic monitoring. The analyzed antenna is part of a WSN node that is placed in the street. The ...  read more

Magnetoelectric energy source
Mirza I. Bichurin, Nikolay A. Kolesnikov, Roman V. Petrov, Slavoljub Aleksić

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This article is devoted to the study of the magnetoelectric element based on magnetostrictivepiezoelectric laminate for use in energy harvesting devices. Magnetoelectric element works on the magnetoelectric effect which exhibits ...  read more

FEM – analysis of current displacement phenomena in slot embedded solid conductor
Marian Greconici, Gheorghe Madescu, Marius Biriescu, Martian Mot

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In the paper the low-frequency eddy currents into solid conductors embedded in a slot are theoretically analyzed. The electromagnetic field in conductors has been calculated using numerical method with a program based on finite ...  read more

Analysis of transient plane wave coupling to horizontal conductor in homogeneous lossy soil
Vesna Arnautovski-Toševa, Leonid Grčev, Marija Kacarska

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Modeling of transient behavior of wire conductors in presence of lossy soil has been a subject of great amount of research. This problem has been dealt with in different ways, from application of rigorous full-wave approaches ...  read more

Wireless solution for traffic monitoring
Elena Chervakova, Marco Goetze, Tino Hutschenreuther, Hannes Toepfer, Bojana Nikolić, Bojan Dimitrijević

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This work describes research aspects of the development of a sensor system to register traffic-related data, such as the number, type, and speed of vehicles on a “tactile road”. This system aims to provide a costeffective ...  read more