Wireless solution for traffic monitoring

Wireless solution for traffic monitoring
Elena Chervakova, Marco Goetze, Tino Hutschenreuther, Hannes Toepfer, Bojana Nikolić, Bojan Dimitrijević


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This work describes research aspects of the development of a sensor system to register traffic-related data, such as the number, type, and speed of vehicles on a “tactile road”. This system aims to provide a costeffective means of expanding upon existing traffic detection infrastructure in order to enable more accurate modeling and predictions and in turn contribute to the growth of electromobility by providing a basis for dedicated navigation solutions as well as for traffic control. Firstly, the overall system made up of several components will be described and aspects of the development of the embedded systems involved will be discussed. Secondly, the fact that the traffic sensors were to be realized as in-ground detectors brings about challenges concerning wireless communications considering the placement of sensors and the urban environment. Consequently, antenna configurations play a crucial role and have been both tested extensively and modeled theoretically. These research issues are described, results are explained and illustrated.


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Chervakova E., Goetze M., Hutschenreuther T., Toepfer H., Nikolić B., Dimitrijević B. Wireless solution for traffic monitoring. Journal – Electrotechnica & Electronica (Е+Е), Vol. 50 (9-10), 2015, pp. 2-6, ISSN: 0861-4717 (Print), 2603-5421 (Online)