Volume 49, Issue 3-4, 2014

Issue 3-4, 2014


Vol. 49. No 3-4/2014
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Mariya P. Aleksandrova, Irena P. Nestorova
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Corporate education for manufacturing (Semiconductors) – creation of a training system and technical textbook
Hiroyuki Izumo, Keisuke Konishi, Rei Wada, Takashi Imagawa, Susumu Kise, Shenji Hatada, Takeshi Tanaka, Shigeo Hirano

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Artner Co., Ltd. is currently dependant on a variety of outsourcing systems that have been implemented with a high degree of technical assistance for the completion of projects. In large scale integration (LSI) design and ...  read more

Neural network based approach for quality improvement of electron beam welding
Elena Koleva, Nikolinka Christova, Georgi Mladenov, Dmitrii Trushnikov, Vladimir Belenkiy

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Neural network models for the dependence of the geometry characteristics of welds from 38Cr2Ni2Mo high-strength steel, obtained at electron beam welding in presence of longitudinal beam deflection oscillations, are estimated. ...  read more

A functional model extension of OMA device management
Ivaylo I. Atanasov, Evelina N. Pencheva

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications allow interworking of smart objects such as sensors, actuators and monitors, and development of innovative applications. Remote entity management provides means of managing M2M device ...  read more

Optimization of the structure and the distribution of the reactive power compensation in the industrial electrical supply systems
Nikolay Matanov

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The compensation of the reactive loads is fundamental for improving the quality of the industrial electrical supply and decreasing the losses of active power in the distribution grids. Regarding energy efficiency, capacitor ...  read more

A linear converter of strain-gauge bridge bidirectional disbalance into frequency deviation
Svilen H. Stoyanov

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The measurement of mechanical force and torque magnitudes by means of strain gauges based on a new method for “transforming resistance into frequency” is the object of investigation in this paper. It presents the development ...  read more

Modelling of step-up DC converter
Vladimir V. Dimitrov, Peter T. Goranov

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In the current paper building on the sound theoretical foundation of state-space methods a model for the boost converter is presented. Replacing some elements in the ideal power convertor with their nonideal equivalent circuits ...  read more

Near-field measurements using low cost equipment for RF device characterization
Radoslav B. Borisov, Kaloyan I. Zlatkov, Plamen I. Dankov

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Near-field electromagnetic scanners are widely used for microwave, antenna and electromagnetic compatibility measurements. The scanner determines the spatial distribution of an electrical quantity provided by a single or multiple ...  read more

Fabrication of flexible hybrid low molecular weight compound/polymer light emitting device by screen printing
Mariya P. Aleksandrova, Irena P. Nestorova

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It is demonstrated successful fabrication of simple bicomponent single layer OLED produced by screen printing. The device exhibits high mechanical stability after 400 cycles of bending. Turn on voltage of 5 V and maximum brightness ...  read more