Electrical engineering

Analysis of the risks imposed on UAVs in outer space missions

The article represents an overview of the different hazards for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in particular spacecrafts due to the environment in outer space. After a brief history overview of the human inventions ...  read more

Improved wind turbine control using maximum torque per ampere control strategy taking into account the magnetic saturation

This paper represents an approach for improving the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) control strategy for permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The MTPA permits the optimization of the generator stator current for a given torque, ...  read more

Some features for calibration of analyzers of electric power by power factor

In relation to the calibration of analyzers of electric power, the mathematical model of the power factor is represented by its dependence on the phase angle of voltage and current of the first harmonic as well as on the general harmonic ...  read more

Analysis of typical faults in the real grid of 22 kV Roha town feeder (India)

The fault analysis and evaluation of fault voltage and current in the power system network is very important for a stable and reliable operation of the power system. In the present paper, a study of various reasons for faults in a real ...  read more

Some features and opportunities for calibration of analyzers of electric power by total harmonic distortion

The possibility for evaluation of the quality of electrical energy for the purpose of calibration of analyzers is considered by using a periodic square-wave pulse signal instead of the traditionally used harmonic signals. The square-wave ...  read more

Hysteresis loss analysis of magnetic materials with data acquisition system

Magnetic materials are widespread in many fields of the electronics and electrical engineering. The most of them take place in the constructions of transformers, coil cores, electromagnets, measurement sensors etc. Thus, their parameters ...  read more

Optimization of the structure and the distribution of the reactive power compensation in the industrial electrical supply systems

The compensation of the reactive loads is fundamental for improving the quality of the industrial electrical supply and decreasing the losses of active power in the distribution grids. Regarding energy efficiency, capacitor banks are ...  read more

Study of the uncertainty measuring of the detonation velocity in a waveguide of non-electric blasting system

The block-diagram of equipment for measuring the velocity of detonation in non-electrical waveguides for blasting is developed. Calibrated time intervals between two pulses corresponding to the specified distance between the two photo ...  read more

Development and application of induction and resistive electrical heating systems for industrial pipelines

This paper examines problems of calculation of heating units for ferromagnetic steel in weak electromagnetic fields. Such installations are low-temperature induction heating installations. In these plants, the electromagnetic field ...  read more

Network voltage distortion by arc furnace and its mitigation

Electric arc furnace (EAF) is the most dangerous type of load for power systems. It causes different kinds of distortion due to its frequently variable character. Nowadays there are different types of arc furnaces. This article is devoted ...  read more