volume 57, Issue 9-12, 2022

Issue 9-12, 2022


Vol. 57. No 9-12/2022
Monthly scientific and technical journal
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The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA



Mihail Digalovski, Goran Rafajlovski, Krste Najdenkoski
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Energy efficiency improvements in electric drives with centrifugal load
Mihail Digalovski, Goran Rafajlovski, Krste Najdenkoski

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Electric drives with centrifugal torque characteristic are a typical low efficiency drives. These include fans, pumps, blowers etc. In these electric drives, there is great technical and economic potential for significant ...  read more

Audio restoration of dubplates: cleaning and digital processing lacquer records from reggae/dancehall culture
Jeremy Blades, Karl O. Jones, Colin Robinson

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This paper discusses the cleaning and digital restoration of lacquer records from the Reggae/Dancehall culture known as Dubplates. The paper evaluates the use of certain digital restoration tools used in the processing of ...  read more

Approach in measuring nasal cavity and PNS volume
Lachezar Lichev, Viktória Hránková, Michaela Masárová, Jakub Lubojacký, Petr Matoušek

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With the method and approach developed within the Fotom module, the results obtained are comparable to other volumetric instruments (e.g. OssiriX). This software product is free, easily accessible and applicable in healthcare ...  read more

How robust is the United Kingdom justice system against the advance of deepfake audio and video?
Karl O. Jones, Bethan S. Jones

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A recent development is the application of AI to either alter or create video and audio files – called Deepfakes. The paper examines the issues arising from deepfakes, to determine how robust the UK justice system is ...  read more