Volume 52, Issue 1-2, 2017

Issue 1-2, 2017


Vol. 52. No 1-2/2017
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Svilen Borisov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Ivan Beloev, Plamen Zahariev
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A comparative analysis of the influence of exploitation parameters on the energy efficiency of pyroceramic electric hot plates and induction hobs
Yanita Slavova, Mariya Marinova

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Over the past years, energy efficiency has become a current issue of great concern in all spheres of industry and household sector. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the consumed electric power and the efficiency ...  read more

Real-time FPGA image processing and robotic navigation
Rosen Spirov, Neli Grancharova, Georgi Angelov

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This article presents the FPGA vision and robotic system on Altera’s De2 board. The object detection algorithm implemented in FPGA was based on feature detection and image filtering. A software-based algorithm was independently ...  read more

Cloud communications: survey on architecture of Internet- based networks for cloud services
Seferin Mirtchev, Ignat Stanev, Rossitza Goleva, Georgi Georgiev

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The cloud communications are Fiber Channel Technology or Internet-accessed voice, data and video communications where storage, switching and telecommunications applications are hosted by a third-party outside of the end-user ...  read more

Investigation of indoor wireless communication environment using abstract modelling
Viktor R. Stoynov

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Modern wireless communications are realized to a large extent in closed environments. A serious problem for broadband wireless exchange of data in such an environment is the poor quality of signal transmission due to walls ...  read more

A versatile design proposal for embedding and deembedding AES/EBU-formatted digital audio in an uncompressed SDIformatted digital video signal
Emil E. Vladkov

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Combining serial digital video (SDI) with AES/EBU digital audio signals can significantly simplify interconnection, routing and processing of SDTV uncompressed data streams in the professional studio environment. The goal ...  read more

Telecommunication system for green economy – a survey
Zdravka Tchobanova, Galia Marinova

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The fast telecommunications development raises the question of power consumption in communication systems, as well as its impact on the environment. Another important issue is the electromagnetic pollution due to the use of ...  read more

A platform for evaluation of the unmanned aerial vehicles telemetry protocols and their parameters
Svilen Borisov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Ivan Beloev, Plamen Zahariev

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This article aims to present an analysis on the modern methods and protocols for transmission of telemetry data to a remote location, as well as to provide a general overview of the telemetry technologies used for this purpose. ...  read more