Current status of DC high power ELV electron accelerators

Current status of DC high power ELV electron accelerators
Nikolay K. Kuksanov, Rustam А. Salimov, Sergey N. Fadeev, Petr I. Nemytov, Yury I. Golubenko , Аlexey I. Korgachin, Аlexandr V. Lavruchin, Аlexey V. Semenov, Victor G. Cherepkov, Dmitry A. Kogut, Evgeny V. Domarov, Denis S. Vorobiev, Mikhail Golkovsky


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ELV accelerators are widely used for electron beam processing. The ELV electron accelerators are DC machines purposed for wide application in various technological processes. BINP develops and manufactures high power electron accelerators for industrial application. The efficiency of substitution of electricity for electron beam power is also high. It was started in 1970-s. From that time over 170 accelerators were delivered both inside Russia and abroad. There are systems of ring and double side irradiation, 4-side irradiation system, extraction device for extraction of focused electron beam into atmosphere. We had developed and delivered accelerators for the tire industries. These accelerators have the energy of 0.3 – 0.5 MeV, up to 2 meters extraction device and beam current of over 130 mA. The new design of extraction device for the focused beam e was realized. The first device is already manufactured and is tested in different kind of experiments with extracted focused beam.


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Kuksanov N. K., Salimov R. А., Fadeev S. N., Nemytov P. I., Golubenko Y. I., Korgachin А. I., Lavruchin А. V., Semenov А. V., Cherepkov V. G., Kogut D. A., Domarov E. V., Vorobiev D. S., Golkovsky M. Current status of DC high power ELV electron accelerators. Journal – Electrotechnica & Electronica (E+E), Vol. 53, No. 7-8, 2018, pp. 165-170, ISSN: 0861-4717 (Print), 2603-5421 (Online)