Evgeny Domarov

Tendency of the Development of DC Type ELV Accelerators for Industrial Application and Research Experiments
Nikolay K. Kuksanov, Yury I. Golubenko, Petr I. Nemytov, Rustam A. Salimov, Sergey N. Fadeev, Аlexey I. Korchagin, Dmitry A. Kogut, Evgeny V. Domarov, Аlexandr V. Lavruchin, Victor G. Cherepkov, V. A. Semenov

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ELV accelerators are D.C. machines. They were designed and manufactured by Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. These machines are well known in the world. They are operating ...  read more

Current status of DC high power ELV electron accelerators
Nikolay K. Kuksanov, Rustam А. Salimov, Sergey N. Fadeev, Petr I. Nemytov, Yury I. Golubenko , Аlexey I. Korgachin, Аlexandr V. Lavruchin, Аlexey V. Semenov, Victor G. Cherepkov, Dmitry A. Kogut, Evgeny V. Domarov, Denis S. Vorobiev, Mikhail Golkovsky

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ELV accelerators are widely used for electron beam processing. The ELV electron accelerators are DC machines purposed for wide application in various technological processes. BINP develops and manufactures high power electron ...  read more