Volume 49, Issue 5-6, 2014

Numerical modeling of the plasma parameters, generated during electron beam welding
Dmitriy N. Trushnikov, Georgi M. Mladenov

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It is described a model of plasma formation in the crater in liquid metal as well as above electron beam welding zone. Model is based on solution of two equations for density of electrons and mean electron energy. The mass ...  read more

Modern Problems and Development Methods of Electron Beam Welding Systems
Alexey V. Shcherbakov, Alexey L. Goncharov, Alexey S. Kozhechenko, Alexey K. Gordenko, Andrei P. Sliva, Vladimir N. Balashov, Victor K. Dragunov, Viktor P. Rubtsov

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At present the area of industrial application of electron beam technology is constantly expanding. Today, there are new materials, technologies and standards, and thus approaches to the design of electron beam systems must ...  read more