Integrated Smart Home system development

Integrated Smart Home system development
Georgi I. Kolev


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This paper presents the process of development of an intelligent remote Smart Home system, which includes the definition of system functionality, the realization challenges and the elaborated solutions. The system is aimed at monitoring and managing elements of the smart home (or work environment) on the Home Assistant platform and its integration with voice assistants. The developed intelligent system solves the problem of using various interface applications, communication protocols and standards of the used devices. The system uses the location detection of the household members as a part of the Smart Home functionality. For the realization of some of the functions of the system, IoT control boards have been designed, manufactured, tested and implemented.


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Kolev G. Integrated Smart Home system development. Electrotechnica & Electronica (Е+Е), Vol. 56 (9-12), 2021, pp.95-99, ISSN: 0861-4717 (Print), 2603-5421 (Online)