Issue 5-6, 2013

Issue 5-6, 2013



Vol. 48. No 5-6/2013
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA



Special issue: International Joint Bulgarian-Korean Symposium on Practical Energy Problems and Trends in Efficient Technologies – PEP TET 2013
Preface by
Corr. Member of BAS, Prof. Dsc. G. Mladenov 3
The Center for Sustainable Healthy Buildings (CSHeB), Prof. Jeong Tai Kim 4

Dharmasa Hemadrasa

Cost effective analysis of solar and wind power in Oman 5

E. Koleva, G. Mladenov
Energy efficiency and renewable energy generation in Bulgaria 13

N. Drndarski, V. Mandusic
Overview and scope of biogas technology in Serbia 28

C. Kalchev
To save energy, we must also save water 33

E. Koleva, G. Mladenov, V. Belenkiy, D. Trushnikov

Increasing energy efficiency for welding 40

V. Belenkiy, D. Trushnikov, G. Mladenov, E. Koleva, T. Olshanskaya
Electron beam welding-the highly effective energy saving way of joining metal construction materials 47

G. Rozorynov, V. Khaskin, O. Berezhnoy
Energy saving by use of technologies of machine parts renewal 52

E. Krivonosova, A. Gorchakov
Micro-arc oxidation as efficient technology of increasing of wear resistance of aluminum alloy 57

P. Ilyushin, S. Galkin, G. Khizhnyak
Justification of energy efficiency potential of the equipment used in the oil fields in the example of deposits of the Perm region 60

M. Marinov, M. Streblau
Electromagnetic field in a three-phase induction device 66

A. Tsinaeva, M. Nikitin, K. Tsinaeva
Intensification of gas-dynamic temperature stratification 70

M. Nikitin
Methods of heat transfer enhancement in cooling casing of mixing heat generators 75

P. Mashkov, T. Pencheva, H. Beloev, B. Gyoch
Investigation Impact Technological Parameters on the Sawdust Briqueting Process 80

M. Streblau, B. Aprahamian, At. Dechev, D. Dimov
Investigation of the influence of the electric current’s magnitude on the operating regime of an oxy-hydrogen generator 86

M. Perić, S. Aleksić, S. Ilić, M.Banđur

Mutual influence of power lines with sagging conductors 91

S. Genov
Some Practical Aspects of Operating Off-grid Sites in A Cellular Network 97

I. Pandiev
Analysis and design of high-speed transimpedance amplifier circuits 101

V. Zhuikov, V. Spivak, T. Tereshchenko, J. Yamnenko, V. Bezhenar
Multilevel Converters For Microwelding Based On M-Ary System 107

A. Andonova, N. Vakrilov
Application of infrared thermography to detect potential failures in devices for energy conversion 110

B. Todorovic

Shifting peak cooling load using thermal storage technology 117

M. Todorovic
Via BPS and smart grid optimized RES integrated large scale residential/municipal refurbishment to approach climate friendly cities 121

H. Lim, J. Kim, G. Kim
Thermal performance on envelope ratio exposed to weather in air-conditioned space 130

J. Lim, G. Yun,, J. Kim
Development of the adaptive PMV model for improving prediction performances 134

M. Kim, H. Liu, J. Kim,C. Yoo
Self validated monitoring the reliability of real-time IAQ sensors based on ICA-driven soft sensor 139

J. Lee, J. Kim, S. Ki, J. Kim
Synthesis methods of phenol-urea-formaldehyde resin for environment-friendly furniture material 145

S. Lee, C. Lim, J. Kim, S. Kim
A simulation model for LCC-based LCCO2 analysis of apartment 150

Y. Yun, W.-K. Hong, J. Kim
Development of large scale modular construction and vertical extension with hybrid composite frame system 156

D. Kim, H. Yang, H. Lee, J. Kim
The smart lighting control of the single households for theft prevention using the life-log data 161

M. Oh , M. Kim, J. Kim
Energy performance variables and types of floor plans in apartment complex 169

Ki Hoon Moon, Jin Seok Do, Chan Su Kim
Environmental right on sunshine and view out in urban residential areas 174

Hyeun Jun Moon, Seung-Won Han, Seung Ho Ryu, Min Seok Choi, Kyeong A An, Jeong Tai Kim
Effect of seasonal leaf area index changes of green roof vegetation on building energy performance 183

E. G. Koleva, G. M. Mladenov, D. N. Trushnikov, V. Ya. Belen’kiy

Quality analysis for efficient electron beam welding process 190

D. Amalnerkar
Functional Materials at Nanoscale: Electronics, Energy and Healthcare Applications 205

N. Munirathnam
Preparation of High Purity Cd & Te Salts for CdS/CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells 206

K. Gesheva, T. Ivanova, G. Bodurov, M. Abrashev
Transition metal oxide coatings –functional layers in electrochromic and thermochromic “Smart Windows” 207