Issue 5-6, 2012

Issue 5-6, 2012



Vol. 47. No 5-6/2012
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA


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Special issue: Papers from 10-th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2012
Preface by Corr. Member of BAS, Prof. Dsc. G. Mladenov 4

A. Bencurova, V. Barak, A. Konecnikova, I. Kostic, P. Nemec, A. Ritomsky
Investigation of the high sensitive negative resist for the photomasks fabrication by e-beam lithography 5

A. Bencurova, P., Nemec, I. Kostic, K. Vutova, E. Koleva, G. Mladenov
Investigations of sensivity of electron resists 10

W. Lu, X. Kong, J. Liu, L. Han
Exposure mechanism for three-dimensional micromachining manner of electron beam 14

G. Pashkevich, A. Orlov, O. Bogdan
Use of «Electromask» pattern generator and image repeater for large-area subwavelength nanolithography 18

U. Maschke, M. Bouchakour, L. Mechernene
Electron beam and ultraviolet cured polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials 21

Z. Bouberka, V. Prevot, C. Forano, G. Mailhot, Z. Derriche
Degradation by irradiation of organic dye molecules on TiO2/LDH nanocomposites. 26

Victor M. Sveshnikov
Simulation of electron-optical systems with high accuracy 31

D. Toader, M. Oane, I. Mihailescu, C. Ticos, N. Serban, C. Ristoscu, K. Vutova, G. Georgescu, V. Donchev
Beam dynamics: a new computational approach 33

D. Kovalchuk
Development of electron beam melting equipment in JSC NVO Chervona Hvilya 36

I. Vlček, M. Zobač
Electron gun production quality control 40

C. Ribton
Effective design of electron beam processing systems by trending 44

V. Melnyk, I. Melnyk, B. Tugay
Electric control of triode glow discharge electron guns power 48

V. Tutyk, A. Ovcharuk, D. Maslenikov
Low vacuum gas discharge electron gun for technological processes 53

V. Braverman, V. Belozercev, N. Goryashin, T. Veisver, A. Lelekov, V. Bashenko
The device with fluxgate sensor for joint tracking 58

S. Gupta, E. Kandaswamy, A. V. Bapat
Numerical model for determination of bias cut-off voltage in axisymmetric triode type electron guns 64

S. Kornilov, N. Rempe, A. Svetlakov, Yu. Sharopin
The e-beam welding system automatization on the basis of plasma-cathode guns is the following: visualization and keeping an electron beam on joint weld by signal processing of the backscattered electrons 70

M. Zobač, I. Vlček, S. ŠIdlo, I. Ungerman
High voltage stability measurements 75

A. Shcherbakov, A. Goncharov, A. Sliva, V. Dragunov, V. Ruptsov
Analysis of the processes in the electron beam technological equipment during the pulse modulation of beam power 79

D. Maslenikov, N. Maslianyi, V. Tutyk
Generation of electron beams in plasma electron source on the basis of carbonates decomposition 85

V. Gruzdev, V. Zalesski, I . Rusetski
The electron gun with a plasma emitter and isolated emitter electrode 89

E. A. Azizov, A. I. Emelianov, N. B. Rodionov
Investigation of arc suppressing processes in highcurrent high-voltage switch for supply systems of high-scale physical plants 93

V. Belenkiy, D. Trushnikov
Development of a non-defect technology at electron beam welding 99

D. Trushnikov
The use of secondary-emission signal for control at EBW 103

D. Trushnikov, E. Koleva, V. Belenkiy, G. Mladenov
Experimental investigation of the weld cross section at electron beam welding of high-strength steel 108

E. Koleva, G. Mladenov, D. Trushnikov, V. Belenkiy
Model-based approach for investigation of electron beam welding of high-strength steel 115

P. Denysyuk
Electron beam welding technology of butt joints with variable thickness of high-pressure turbine vanes segments 119

A. Goncharov, E. Terentyev, A. Marchenkov, M. Portnov
Electron beam welding of bronzes to 316 L(N) steel 123

A. Sliva, V. Dragunov, A. Goncharov, A. Shcherbakov
Electron beam welding method in the magnetic field 128

V. Khaskin, V. Shelyagin, V. Spivak, D. Vaits
Laser welding in vacuum as an alternative to electron-beam welding 134

V. Melyukov
Mathematical modeling of the optimal electron beam welding on basis of inverse problem’s method 138

L. Dupák
Electron beam cutting of non-metals 143

T. Hassel, A. Beniyash, N. Murray, R. Konya, Fr.-W. Bach
Non-vacuum electron beam for cutting application 147

G. Mattausch, B. Scheffel, O. Zywitzki, C. Metzner, Fh. Roegner
Techniques and tools for the plasma-activated eb high-rate deposition of Zirconia 153

G. Mueller, R. Fetzer, W. An, A. Weisenburger, V. Engelko
Development of Surface Waviness during Pulsed Electron Beam Treatment 160

G. Grumbt; S. Schmied; R. Zenker, K. Weigel, K. Bewilogua
Microstructure and selected properties of PVD TiAlN hard coated steels after additional electron beam surface hardening 164

K. Fritzsch, M. Klemm, A. Buchwalder, R. Zenker
EB surface alloying of magnesium alloys AZ31 B and AZ91 D 170

A. Dalke, A. Buchwalder, H.-J. Spies, M. Klemm, R. Zenker
Electron beam surface alloying of aluminium materials using highmelting Fe-base additives 176

R. Minakova, N. Grechanyuk, E. Khomenko
The pecularities of structure formation and properties of Cu-Fe composite material сondensed from vapor phase 182

Yu. Burachevsky, D. Zolotukhin, V. Burdovitsin, M. Fedorov
Parameters of electron beam and hollow cathode discharge plasmas at fore-pump pressure for silicon nitride films growth 188

A. Surzhikov, T. Frangulyan, S. Gyngazov, S. Grigor’ev, N. Koval
Modification of alumina-zirconium ceramics by low-energy high-current electron beams 192

X. Kong, Q. Dai, L. Han, Q. Feng, M. Chu, H. Xue, J. Li
Effect of electron-beam annealing duration on magnesium diboride film superconductivity 196

A. Surzhikov, E. Lysenko, S. Gyngazov, T. Frangul’yan, N. Koval, I. Goncharenko, S. Grigor’ev
Ion-plasma treatment of lithium–titanium ferrites 201

Y. Marchenko, I. Petrik, P. Zhemanyuk
The tryout of technology of the electron beam annealing of compressor drums made of titanium alloy ВТ8 205

Y. Marchenko, I. Petrik, P. Zhemanyuk
Technology of electron-beam building-up of filler wires when repairing gas turbine engine parts 209

G. Mattausch, B. Graffel, F. Winckler, F.-H. Roegner,M. Merkel, K. Wrobel, R. Boehme, H. Schlemm
Thermal surface treatment at the micrometer scale – challenges and opportunities for the electron beam 213

A. Ruktuev, M. Golkovski, N. Kuksanov, I. Bataev, T. Zhuravina, S. Veselov, V. Bataev, A. Bataev
Metallographic features of Ti – Ta – Nb coats, fused deposited on the titanium substrate by extracted in atmosphere electron beam with 1.4 MeV electrons energy 223

D. Kuznetsov, I. Filatov, Yu. Surkov
Plasma-chemical conversion of toxic impurities in air ionized by pulsed electron beams and discharges 229

D. Kuznetsov, Yu. Surkov, V. Uvarin
Infrared laser on xenon atom with rep-rated electroionization pumping 235

I. Călinescu, D. Martin, D. Ighigeanu, A. Gavrila, A. Trifan, M. Patrascu
Nanoparticles synthesis by electron beam radiolysis 241

I. Călinescu, D. Martin, D. Ighigeanu, M. Toma, A. Trifan
Uses of fine water droplets in electron beam treatment of flue gases 249

D. Ighigeanu, D. Martin, I. Calinescu, E. Manaila, G. Craciun, A. Ighigeanu, M. Toma, T. Negreanu-Pirjol
Electron beam and microwave combined irradiation technology for environment protection 256

A. Popovici, D. Martin, C. Grigoriu, M. Toma, G. Cata –Dani, D. Ighigeanu, R. Vasilache, G. Florescu
Generation of Intense relativistic electron beams by 1 PW lasertarget interactions at “CETAL” facility 262

T. Tanaka, T. Hironaka, Sh. Hayashi, I. Koyama
Disinfection and sterilization by using plasma-based ion implantation 268

K. Vutova, V. Donchev
Time-dependent thermal model for electron beam melting and refining of metals and alloys 273

V. Donchev, M. Oane, K. Vutova, I. Mihailescu, V. Vassileva, E. Koleva, G. Mladenov
Heat transfer study based on time-dependent mathematical model and experimental data at EBMR of Ta 280

V. Vassileva, K. Vutova, V. Donchev
Recycling of alloy steel by electron beam melting 285

R. Andok, V. Barak, A. Bencurova, I. Caplovic, P. Hrkut, P. Hudek, V. Jablonska, A. Konecnikova, I. Kostic, L. Matay, P. Nemec, A. Ritomsky
Centre of Excellence Presentation – Laboratory of E-beam Lithography at the Slovak Academy of Sciences 292

D. Kovalchuk
JSC “NVO “Chervona Hvilya”, Kiev, Ukraine 296

M. Heinrich
VON ARDENNE in Dresden, Germany 298

P. Zapryanov
TARGETS LTD Plovdiv, Bulgaria 302

M. Heinrich
JSC “NVO “Chervona Hvilya”, Kiev, Ukraine 296

J. Flinspach, G. Sergiienko
ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Hanau,Germany 303