Yuri Semenov

Experiments with EBW setup with possibility of right angle beam turn
Oleg N. Alyackrinskiy, Michail Yu. Kosachev, Pavel V. Logatchov, Aleksei M. Medvedev, Vadim A. Pavluchenko, Tatyana V. Rybitskaya, Yuri I. Semenov, Michail M. Sizov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Aleksandr S. Tsyganov

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The results of electron beam right angle turn experiments in EBW setup are presented. For beam turn we use an alpha magnet and quadrupole lenses. As a result the cathode is not exposed to the vapors of the workpiece. The use ...  read more

EBW application for the manufacture of HEBT dipole vacuum chambers, FAIR
Aleksei M. Medvedev, Alexey M. Semenov, Yuri I. Semenov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Mikhail M. Sizov, Aleksandr S. Tcyganov

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BINP (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) have successfully used the electron beam welding for manufacturing of vacuum chambers for a long time. The EBW facility provides the maximum seam length of 2 ...  read more