year 2018

CBIR with dual tree complex wavelet transform using maximally flat all-pass filter

In the following paper linear-phase filters for Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform implementation based on all-pass filter synthesis with maximally flat characteristics is proposed. This transform is a part of already presented content-based ...  read more

Construction of a preliminary educational system for file backup system using secret sharing technique

Information-Technology Promotion Agency points out Ransomware as the second-ranked damage to organizations as well as individuals in “10 Major Security Threats 2017”. Information is stored in three data files separately by using ...  read more

Issue 9-10, 2018


Thirteenth International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2018, 18-22 June, Varna, Bulgaria

Vol. 53. No 9-10/2018
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA



Special issue: Scientific papers from 13-th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies ...  read more

Production weld quality assurance through monitoring of beam characteristics

This paper describes the development of a quality assurance tool for production electron beam welding. The BeamAssure probe system has been installed on a number of production and development electron beam machines. The hardware and ...  read more

Development of a miniature 3 axis magnetic field sensor to predict the magnetic stray field influence on electron beams

The desired form of electron beams is generally obtained by the use of magnetic fields in coils by focalisation, deflection, and other. The beam form is also influenced, due to incomplete shielding, by the magnetic environment, which ...  read more

Comparison of electron beam and laser welding for safety critical space applications

Recent work completed for ESA and Ariane Group performed a comprehensive comparative assessment of laser and electron beam processes, targeting stainless steel flow control valve materials and typical penetrations to determine if any ...  read more

Experimental characterization of laser cladding of Stellite 21 on H13 tool steel

The repair of dies and molds by using additive manufacturing techniques such as laser cladding (LC) is an important and emerging trend in tooling industry today. LC provides an alternative to the traditional deposition techniques. In ...  read more

Model-based approach for the shape estimation of electron beam welding joints

This article discusses a modeling approach for the obtained by electron beam welding molten pool shapes, which is based on experimental data, type mathematical function and regression analysis. The process of electron beam multi-pool ...  read more

Construction of a preliminary file backup system for surface analysis data using secret sharing technique

We have established a preliminary file backup system to study the outline of secret sharing technology and test operations. Secret sharing scheme is a key management scheme or key establishment scheme invented separately in 1979 by ...  read more

Model-driven development of event management system

Electron Beam Technologies Conference is an international conference, which originated in 1985. The challenge for the management of this event, as well as the numerous such events that are organized every year around the world, is to ...  read more