volume 52

National strategy for development of scientific research in the republic of Bulgaria 2017 – 2030 (Better science for better Bulgaria). 4. Policies, actions and measures for their implementation
Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Bulgaria

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4. Policies, actions and measures for their implementation.

4.1. Horizontal policy for adequate and effective funding

4.2. Horizontal policy for legislative changes

4.3. Policy for human potential development

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From electrica to invariant automatica (Or how to use the knowledge about Theory of electricity for enter into Theory of invariant automatic control). Part two: Electromechanical dualism. Universality of energetic equations.
Milan Stankov

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От електрика към инвариантна автоматика (или как да използваме познанията си по „Теоретична eлектротехника“ за да вникнем ...  read more

Best practices for designing user experience for Internet of Things and virtual reality
Elena Shoikova, Anatoly Peshev

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This paper is focused on the principles of designing user experience (UX) for Internet of Things (loT) and virtual reality (VR) and creating effective user interfaces(UI) that incorporate wearable technology and rapid prototyping ...  read more

Plasma sterilization – special features and new approaches in medical applications
Kiril Ivanov

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An overview of the process of sterilization and disinfection is described in this article. Special attention is turn to the currently used technologies, their advantages and disadvantages. Another subject of the topic is the ...  read more

Simulation study and analysis in transmitting RZ and NRZ coded signals into 10 Gbps optical line with optical amplifying sections
Stanimir Sadinov

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The topic is associated with linear coding and modulation in optical transmission channels in terms of ensuring maximum distance transmission, high Q-factor, lower BER, good spectral characteristics and energy budget of the ...  read more

Cooperative spectrum sensing – overview
Zdravka Tchobanova

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Cognitive radio is a technology that meets the growing needs of wireless communications, providing more opportunities to access the radio spectrum. The licensed users do not use the spectrum continuously. In order for the ...  read more

Issue 1-2, 2017


Vol. 52. No 1-2/2017
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Svilen Borisov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Ivan Beloev, Plamen Zahariev
A platform for evaluation of the unmanned aerial vehicles telemetry protocols and their parameters 1

Zdravka Tchobanova, Galia Marinova
Telecommunication system for green economy – a survey 10

Emil E. Vladkov

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A comparative analysis of the influence of exploitation parameters on the energy efficiency of pyroceramic electric hot plates and induction hobs
Yanita Slavova, Mariya Marinova

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Over the past years, energy efficiency has become a current issue of great concern in all spheres of industry and household sector. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the consumed electric power and the efficiency ...  read more

Real-time FPGA image processing and robotic navigation
Rosen Spirov, Neli Grancharova, Georgi Angelov

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This article presents the FPGA vision and robotic system on Altera’s De2 board. The object detection algorithm implemented in FPGA was based on feature detection and image filtering. A software-based algorithm was independently ...  read more

Cloud communications: survey on architecture of Internet- based networks for cloud services
Seferin Mirtchev, Ignat Stanev, Rossitza Goleva, Georgi Georgiev

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The cloud communications are Fiber Channel Technology or Internet-accessed voice, data and video communications where storage, switching and telecommunications applications are hosted by a third-party outside of the end-user ...  read more