Volodya Dzharov

Emittance – quantitative characteristic of welding beam quality
Elena Koleva, Georgi Mladenov, Volodya Dzharov, Dimitar Todotov, Marin Kerdjiev, Lilyana Koleva

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The management of the quality during electron beam welding directed to optimization of the process parameters is an important way to improve the use of the expensive equipment and to make the EBW process more efficient in consuming materials, time and energy.

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Automation control of EBW installation by SIMATIC S7-300 PLC
Elena Kolva, Volodya Dzharov, Peter Yordanov

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In this work the automatic control of the vacuum and cooling systems, together with electron beam initiation, of the located in the IE-BAS equipment for electron beam welding, evaporation and surface modification by SIMATIC ...  read more

State of the arts of additive manufacturing by selective electron beam melting
Georgi Mladenov, Elena Koleva, Lilyana Koleva, Volodya Dzharov

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In this paper the applications of electron beam additive manufacturing systems are reviewed. There by selective electron beam melting of welding wires or of some area of the upper powder layer of a sandwich structure, 2D soldered ...  read more