Victor Spivak

Analysis and Generalization of Scientific and Educational Information Book in the Field of Nano-Electronics
Victor M. Spivak, Elena G. Koleva, Anna G. Vlasyuk

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In this paper analysis and generalization of the scientific and educational properties of information textbooks on nano-electronics, created from the scientists of the Institute of Electronics at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, ...  read more

The Microstructure of the Surface Layers by Laser and Laser- Miсroplasma Alloying
Volodymyr D. Sheliagin, Victor M. Spivak, Artemii V. Bernatskyi, Mihai S.Tirsu

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Considered are the technologies of laser and laser-microplasma alloying of surface layers of 38KhN3MFA structural steel specimens with introduction of powder filler materials based on tungsten and chromium carbide, promoting ...  read more