Tsvetomira Tsonevska

Simulation of the temperature distribution and modelling of molten pool parameters at electron beam drip melting of copper
Tsvetomira Tsonevska, Elena Koleva, Lilyana Koleva, Georgi Mladenov

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In this article quasi steady-state two-dimensional heat model is implemented for the simulation of the temperature distribution in the cast copper ingots through electron beam drip melting. Regression models are estimated ...  read more

Model-based approach for the shape estimation of electron beam welding joints
Tsvetomira S. Tsonevska, Elena G. Koleva, Georgi M. Mladenov

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This article discusses a modeling approach for the obtained by electron beam welding molten pool shapes, which is based on experimental data, type mathematical function and regression analysis. The process of electron beam ...  read more