Tsvetan Mitsev

Optimal divergence of laser beam in optical wireless communication systems
Tsvetan A. Mitsev, Nikolay K. Kolev

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DОtОrmТnТng tСО optТmal dТvОrgОncО oП transmТttОr’s bОam Тn optТcal аТrОlОss communТcatТon systems (OWCS) can largely compensate for the negative impact of the change in the direction of propagation ...  read more

Computer simulation of distortions in optical fiber for CATV systems
Kalin L. Dimitrov, Lidia T. Jordanova, Tsvetan A. Mitsev

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A general overview of most problems appearing when signals are transmitted in the fiber optic part of a CATV system is made. Some basic theoretical dependencies, as well as numerical methods suitable for computer simulation, ...  read more