Toyoharu Takemoto

Construction of a preliminary educational system for file backup system using secret sharing technique
Takeshi Tanaka, Nobuharu Okamitsu, Noriyuki Yamada, Toyoharu Takemoto, Katia Vutova

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Information-Technology Promotion Agency points out Ransomware as the second-ranked damage to organizations as well as individuals in “10 Major Security Threats 2017”. Information is stored in three data files separately ...  read more

Construction of a preliminary file backup system for surface analysis data using secret sharing technique
Nobuharu Okamitsu, Tomonori Tabe, Ryota Matsuda, Noriyuki Yamada, Toyoharu Takemoto, Takeshi Tanaka

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We have established a preliminary file backup system to study the outline of secret sharing technology and test operations. Secret sharing scheme is a key management scheme or key establishment scheme invented separately in ...  read more