Thorsten Löwer

Laser welding under reduced pressure
Philipp Sieber, Björn Hansen, Thorsten Löwer, Alexander Maaz

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The increasing market demand for the application of solid-state lasers in industrial welding processes requires a fundamental adjustment of the process technology and the system concept. An almost spatter-free high efficient ...  read more

The actual EB application spectrum and its prospects beside welding
Björn Hansen, Thorsten Löwer

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Since the industrial use of the electron beam as a reliable high power precision tool for challenging welding tasks, its properties have been applied to a wide application spectrum in manufacturing and scientific environment. ...  read more

Electron beam characterizing and its relevance for production
Clemens Liebig, Jürgen Fath, Thorsten Löwer

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Measurements of electron beam profiles always had an academic touch in the past. New standards and faster image processing make the beam characterization more and more a quality tool in production and allow transfer of beam ...  read more