Transmission of environment data with preliminary secret sharing processing using Sigfox
Nobuharu Okamitsu, Koichi Miyazono, Takeshi Tanaka

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Using the Sigfox network and the Internet, we created Internet-of-Things devices equipped with temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors to measure the environment data. In this study, we developed a way to process ...  read more

IoT device with Global Positioning System using SigFox, ThingSpeak, and Anaconda platform
Takeshi Tanaka, Nobuharu Okamitsu, Kenshi Nishino

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We have developed a rudimentary Internet of Things (IoT) device equipped with a global positioning system module using the Sigfox network. The data sent from the IoT device using Sigfox Cloud and ThingSpeak are received and ...  read more

Development of an IoT device using SigFox, ThingSpeak, and MATLAB/Simulink
Takeshi Tanaka, Nobuharu Okamitsu, Takuma Hamada, Kenshi Nishino

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We installed a Sigfox antenna at Hiroshima Institute of Technology and acquired basic environmental data via the Sigfox network. The IoT device created by us comprises Sigfox, ThingSpeak, and MATLAB/Simulink, and this configuration ...  read more