Rolf Zenker

Improved surface properties of nodular cast iron using electron beam remelting and alloying with nickel based additives
Anja Buchwalder, Normann Klose, Anne Jung, Rolf Zenker

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Surface remelting has been used for improving the tribological behaviour of components, e.g. camshafts, for many years. Growing demands for the simultaneous improvement of wear and corrosion resistance of components with complex ...  read more

Improving the load capacity of thermal spray coatings on different substrate materials by EB profiling
Philipp Hengst, Rolf Zenker, Tilo Süß, Klaus Hoffmann

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Thermal spray coatings are used in different fields of application. The combination of different coating materials with diverse thermal spraying processes enables the use of these technologies in a wide field of applications. ...  read more

The influence of beam positioning on the weld ability of dissimilar welding joints with high alloy TRIP/TWIP steels
Lars Halbauer, Anja Buchwalder, Rolf Zenker, Horst Biermann

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In dissimilar welded joints without filler materials, the positioning of the electron beam is one of the most crucial factors in controlling weld quality. Among other factors, the small beam diameter and a highly accurate ...  read more