Practical applications

Visible light as a communication medium – from illumination to data transmission
Boris Jovchev, Rositza Mladenova

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The fast development of new Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity) technology based on the unique physical properties of visible light will make it possible to build high-speed telecommunications networks with high cell density, compatible ...  read more

Performance evaluation of Internet traffic by network measurements
Georgi P. Georgiev

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A review of the main methods for measurement Internet traffic is made. Some of software platforms for network measurements are discussed. The reasons for the need of measurement and monitoring of traffic in IP-based networks ...  read more

Whitepaper: Employment, training and qualification needs of the European industry – a perspective from the joining sector

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Europe is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Manufacturing is still a hallmark of Europe and an area of ample wealth generation and employment opportunities.

European manufacturing in an increasingly complex ...  read more