Polina Metreveli

The Electron-Beam Treatment of Water Polluted by Humic Acids and Lignin
Polina K. Metreveli, Alexandra K. Metreveli, Alexander V. Ponomarev

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Both lignin and humic acids cause the raised colourity and turbidity of natural water and industrial wastewater. Electron-beam treatment reduces kinetic stability of aqueous dispersions of lignin and humic acids. The radiation-induced ...  read more

Decomposition of a Vegetative Biomass by Electron-Beam Irradiation and Heating
Alexander V. Ponomarev, Polina K. Metreveli, Alexandra K. Metreveli, Alexei V. Bludenko, Vladimir N. Chulkov

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The electron-beam irradiation influences thermal decomposition of vegetative biomass. This influence is indicated by several effects. First, the initial thermal degradation temperature of both lignin and cellulose decreases. ...  read more