Nirav Devchakke

Design, construction and preliminary results of a pulsed electron beam facility for surface modification of materials
Masud N. Naraghi, Steve Werkmeister, A. Egorov, Nirav Devchakke

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The object of the pulsed Electron beam designed in this work is to modify the surface layer of metals by melting through uniform adiabatic heating in the order of a few microseconds. With a maximum diameter of the beam 70 ...  read more

Deposition of metallurgical and dielectric coatings by electron beam and comparison with sputtering and thermal evaporation methods of coating
Masud N. Naraghi, Monark Suthar, Eugene Belkov, Michael Droney, Nirav Devchakke, Steve Werkmeister

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Torr International has made many electron beams systems for many applications such as hard coating, lift off and optical applications. The electron gun employed in e beam coating is with a 270 deg bent beam, in order for the ...  read more