Nils Murray

Non-Vacuum Electron Beam Cutting – a New High Performance Process
Thomas Hassel, Nils Murray, Alexander Beniyash, Nikolay Rempe, Sergey Kornilov

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The electron beam is a tool with high energy conversion efficiency which is by and large independent of the type of metal. Its high power density qualifies the non-vacuum electron beam as an outstanding energy source for the ...  read more

Characterisation of electron beams generated by a plasmacathode gun
Nikolay Rempe, Sergey Kornilov, Alexander Beniyash, Nils Murray, Thomas Hassel, Colin Ribton

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The paper is devoted to electron beam guns based on the emission of electrons from plasma of a hollow-cathode reflective discharge. The measuring of the diameter and brightness of beam with the rotating wire sensor and scanning ...  read more