DC-DC converter for interfacing PV panel to micro-inverter
Zahari Zarkov

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Photovoltaic (PV) energy has become competitive in power generation as an alternative to fossil fuels over the past decades. The installation of solar energy systems is expected to increase rapidly with the further development ...  read more

Modelling of E-beam crosslinking of composite hydrogels
Maria Demeter, Ion Călina, Cătălin Vancea, Toni P. Paneva, Elena G. Koleva, Lilyana St. Koleva

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Response Surface Methodology and robust engineering approach were applied for the investigation of preliminary experimental data related to the synthesis of composite biopolymer-based hydrogels via electron beam (e-beam) radiation ...  read more

Model for heating stainless steel by an electron beam
S. Plotnikov, R. Kimossov, A. Myakinin, A. Turlybekuly, N. Yerdybayeva

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The distribution of thermal fields is simulated with the thermal action of the electron beam on stainless steel. To obtain data on the temperature distribution in the material, thermal loads are modeled. Two heating options ...  read more