Optimization of EB keyhole welding of aluminum to titanium alloy
Petr Havlík, Jan Čupera, Jan Kouřil, Ivo Dlouhý, Rudolf Foret

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In directly keyhole electron beam welding of Ti/Al alloys the heterogeneous interfacial reactions were found in the weldments. The intermetallic brittle phases (e. g. Ti3Al) formed at the weld joint and affected ...  read more

Technology of electron beam welding of pressure vessels made of steel 30KHGSA
Andrei P. Sliva, Aleksei L. Goncharov, Viktor K. Dragunov, Egor V. Terentyev

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Technology of manufacturing of welded structures from 30KhGSA steel for high-pressure vessels is developed. This technology provides qualitative formation of welded joints, including electron beam welding, heat treatment and ...  read more