Marin Marinov

Sensor and actuator nodes for multi-zone demand-controlled ventilation
Marin B. Marinov, Todor S. Djamiykov, Volker Zerbe

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With sensor-based demand controlled ventilation the ventilation rates are controlled through signals from indoor and outdoor air sensors and so better control of the indoor pollutant concentration and lower energy consumption ...  read more

Mobile multisensor node for monitoring environmental parameters in urban areas
Marin Berov Marinov

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Air quality is a matter of considerable concern as it affects public health, the environment and the economy of developed countries. Recent research has shown that air pollution can increase the incidence of diseases and impair ...  read more

Smart sensor node for on-line particulate matter monitoring

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Increased concentration of particulate matter in big cities and agglomerations is one of the main risk factors for the health of the residents. Conventional systems for particulate matter (PM) monitoring have significant limitations, ...  read more