Lyubomir Laskov

Application of high order APSK modulations in satellite digital video broadcasting
Lidia T. Jordanova, Lyubomir B. Laskov, Dobri M. Dobrev

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In this paper are presented the results of a study of the characteristics of the DVB-S2 channels when using 32APSK and 64APSK modulation. Expressions for determining the probability of bit error after APSK demodulator, LDPC ...  read more

Algorithms for carrier frequency recovery in DVB−S2 receivers
Lyubomir B. Laskov, Lidia T. Jordanova

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In this paper six algorithm for carrier frequency recovery are examined, namely D&M, L&R, Fitz, M&M, Modified M&M and Kay. A mathematical description of algorithms and expressions for determining the frequency ...  read more