Katia Vutova

Obtaining of pure molybdenum through electron beam melting of scrap materials
Vania Vassileva, Katia Vutova, Maria Naplatanova, Nagegownivari Munirathnam, Dinesh Amalnerkar

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Investigations are carried out applying electron beam melting method for obtaining of pure molybdenum from waste materials. The obtained results are presented and factors controlling the refining processes of metal impurities ...  read more

Resist characteristics simulation of HSQ electron beam resist
Anna Bencurova, Katia Vutova, Elena Koleva, Ivan Kostic, Anna Konecnikova, Adrian Ritomsky, Georgi Mladenov

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Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) is used as a high-resolution resist with resolution down below 10 nm half-pitch. High-contrast and high-resolution patterning in the negative electron beam HSQ resist has numerous potential applications. ...  read more