Jordan Raychev

Comparative analysis of the possibilities of building a decentralized control plane of a Software Defined Networks
Jordan Raychev, Diyana Kinaneva, Georgi Hristov, Plamen Zahariev

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The objective of the current paper is to be conducted a comparative analysis of the available possibilities for building a decentralized controller plane of a Software Defined Network (SDN). The SDN networks are an emerging ...  read more

Challenges for providing security in the Internet of things
Tsvetomir Gyuretsov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Plamen Zahariev

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The cyber security issues and problems worry many developers around the globe. After the Internet of Things (IoT) concepts were announced, many companies around the world have focused their work on the developing of new ways ...  read more

A platform for evaluation of the unmanned aerial vehicles telemetry protocols and their parameters
Svilen Borisov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Ivan Beloev, Plamen Zahariev

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This article aims to present an analysis on the modern methods and protocols for transmission of telemetry data to a remote location, as well as to provide a general overview of the telemetry technologies used for this purpose. ...  read more