Ivo Dlouhý

EBW of Stainless Steels and ODS Ferritic Steel
Petr Havlík, Pavel Šohaj, Jan Kouřil, Rudolf Foret, Ivo Dlouhý

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Dissimilar welds are the integral part of design in chemical, nuclear and energy industries. One of the most common combinations is the joints between ferritic, austenitic and martensitic steels. These joints provide many ...  read more

Optimization of EB keyhole welding of aluminum to titanium alloy
Petr Havlík, Jan Čupera, Jan Kouřil, Ivo Dlouhý, Rudolf Foret

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In directly keyhole electron beam welding of Ti/Al alloys the heterogeneous interfacial reactions were found in the weldments. The intermetallic brittle phases (e. g. Ti3Al) formed at the weld joint and affected ...  read more

Flash electron beam welding of stainless steels 1.4510 and 1.4511
Jiří Matlák, Ivan Šipula, Václav Štraus, Ivo Dlouhý

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The electron beam technology allows a rapid scanning along a defined trajectory. When a properly controlled input of energy is applied, it could be used for the manufacturing of a whole weld joint at once. This technology, ...  read more