Ivan Yatchev

Influence of the middle pole shape on the force characteristic of an actuator with Т-shaped armature
Ivan Hadzhiev, Dian Malamov, Iosko Balabozov, Ivan Yatchev

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In the paper, a study of the influence of the middle pole shape on the static force characteristic of a direct-current solenoid actuator with T-shaped armature is presented. For this purpose, computer models of the actuator ...  read more

Analysis of typical faults in the real grid of 22 kV Roha town feeder (India)
Vikas Gaikwad, Angel Tcolov, Ivan Yatchev

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The fault analysis and evaluation of fault voltage and current in the power system network is very important for a stable and reliable operation of the power system. In the present paper, a study of various reasons for faults ...  read more