Ivan Kostic

Study of Electron Beam Resists: Negative Tone HSQ and Positive Tone SML300
Ivan Kostic, Anna Bencurova, Anna Konecnikova, Pavol Nemec, Adrian Ritomsky, Elena Koleva, Katia Vutova, Georgi Mladenov

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In this paper the contrast and sensitivity characteristics are investigated concerning the negative tone electron beam resist HSQ (hydrogen silsesquioxane) and the positive tone SML300 electron beam organic resist, designed ...  read more

Resist characteristics simulation of HSQ electron beam resist
Anna Bencurova, Katia Vutova, Elena Koleva, Ivan Kostic, Anna Konecnikova, Adrian Ritomsky, Georgi Mladenov

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Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) is used as a high-resolution resist with resolution down below 10 nm half-pitch. High-contrast and high-resolution patterning in the negative electron beam HSQ resist has numerous potential applications. ...  read more