issue 7-8

Experimental study on sterilization of food with self-igniting plasma formed from liquid using plasma-based ion implantation
Koji Kakugawa, Manami Hosotani, Miyo Arikado, Tomonori Tabe, Kenta Fukutomi, Yoshinobu Tsuchiya, Takeshi Tanaka

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We attempted to sterilize food using plasma-based ion implantation with self-ignited plasma formed from liquid. Based on sterilization experiments, hydrogen peroxide was selected to generate self-ignited plasma. The most effective ...  read more

Control of plasma parameters by Penning ion effect
density distribution of plasma, density of oxygen ions, food sterilization, Pegasus simulations, Penning effect

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We attempted to control the density of oxygen ions by adding argon gas and helium gas with metastable voltage to oxygen gas with ionization voltage, in order to determine the optimum combination and ratio of gases for food ...  read more

Contact characteristic for Iridium-coated probe
Koichi Miyazono, Toshitaka Yorita, Kenta Fukutomi, Tomonori Tabe, Hitoshi Suizu, Ryota Matsuda, Masayuki Yamauchi, Takeshi Tanaka

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This study considers the issue of higher probe contact resistance associated with oxidation of Al attached to the probe surface. In an experiment involving Al electrodes, there was virtually no increase in contact resistance ...  read more

Preliminary simulation of Magnetron sputtering using Pegasus software
Hitoshi Suizu, Ryota Matsuda, Tomonori Tabe, Hiroshi Toyota, Takeshi Tanaka

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In an r.f.-d.c. coupled magnetron sputtering system, the magnetron discharge was generated by a 13.56 MHz r.f. source, and a d.c. power was simultaneously applied to a tin target through a low-pass filter in order to control ...  read more

Depolymerization and self-disassembly of plant polymers
Alexander V. Ponomarev

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Biopolymers can be radiolytically degraded mainly in two ways. The first way, depolymerization, occurs at not so high temperatures and consists in random cleavage of bridges between monomer units. The second process, self-disassembly, ...  read more

Electron-ion-plasma equipment for surface modification of materials
Anton D. Teresov, Vladimir V. Shugurov, Vladimir N. Devyatkov, Nikolay N. Koval, Yuriy F. Ivanov

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A laboratory installation designed for research in the field of surface engineering of metal and ceramic materials was developed and created. In the installation, it is possible to conduct successive processes of arc ion-plasma ...  read more

Current status of DC high power ELV electron accelerators
Nikolay K. Kuksanov, Rustam А. Salimov, Sergey N. Fadeev, Petr I. Nemytov, Yury I. Golubenko , Аlexey I. Korgachin, Аlexandr V. Lavruchin, Аlexey V. Semenov, Victor G. Cherepkov, Dmitry A. Kogut, Evgeny V. Domarov, Denis S. Vorobiev, Mikhail Golkovsky

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ELV accelerators are widely used for electron beam processing. The ELV electron accelerators are DC machines purposed for wide application in various technological processes. BINP develops and manufactures high power electron ...  read more

New multi cavity industrial electron accelerators ILU
Vadim V. Bezuglov, Alexandr A. Bryazgin, Mikhail V. Korobeynikov, Evgeniy N. Shtarklev, Alexey V. Sidorov, Vadim O. Tkachenko, Alexandr Yu. Vlasov, Leonid A. Voronin

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Powerful industrial pulse radio frequency (RF) electron accelerators ILU are designing and producing by Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics during many decades. New multi-cavity ILU12 and ILU-14 accelerators were designed ...  read more

Issue 7-8, 2015


Vol. 50. No 7-8/2015
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Peter Yakimov
A practical approach for introductory embedded systems teaching 2

Dimitar Arnaudov, Nikolay Hinov, Ivan Nedyalkov
Characteristics of an electronic converter for supercapacitor charging 7

Nikolay Kurtev, Slavka Tzanova, Silvia Schintke
Photodetector based on electrochemically deposited ZnO and inkjet printed PEDOT:PSS heterojunction 14

Marin B. Marinov

 ...  read more

Modeling of electromagnetic and thermal processes occurring in induction heating cooker
Maik Streblau

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Induction heating is a famous technology and very usually used for cooking appliances because of its high-energy efficiency. A mathematical model is adopted for a flat inductor-detail system in this paper and it is used for ...  read more