issue 3-4

Analysis and investigations on a digitally controlled LED buck driver for automotive LED applications
Emil N. Kovatchev, Nadezhda L. Evstatieva

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This article presents a configurable constant current LED driver with DSP digital control. A novel, cost-effective high-side current sensing circuit provides feedback signal, proportional to the average LED current. A fast ...  read more

Network topology analysis – graph properties that matter
Mircho Mirchev, Seferin Mirtchev

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This article presents correlation between network metrics with graph properties, more specifically spectral graph characteristics. This work is in the foundation of network topology analysis based on the relevant graph representation ...  read more

Challenges of quality of experience management for cloud based ambient assisted living services and applications
Georgi Balabanov

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The aim of the Cloud Based Ambient Assisted Living (CBAAL) refers thus to the study and development of intelligent systems to support independent living of senior citizens, compensating for prevailing age-related physical ...  read more