issue 1-2

Analysis of the risks imposed on UAVs in outer space missions
Vasil Vasilev, Emil Vladkov

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The article represents an overview of the different hazards for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in particular spacecrafts due to the environment in outer space. After a brief history overview of the human inventions ...  read more

Improved wind turbine control using maximum torque per ampere control strategy taking into account the magnetic saturation
Boris Demirkov

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This paper represents an approach for improving the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) control strategy for permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The MTPA permits the optimization of the generator stator current for ...  read more

Some features for calibration of analyzers of electric power by power factor
Plamen Tzvetkov, Krasimir Galabov, Ivan Kodjabashev

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In relation to the calibration of analyzers of electric power, the mathematical model of the power factor is represented by its dependence on the phase angle of voltage and current of the first harmonic as well as on the general ...  read more

Algorithm for software realization of video observation system by means of remote control
Lilijana Docheva, Ivo Dochev, Maria Pavlova

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The aim in the article is to present a software realization of video observation system by means of remote control. The system consists of two main components. One of them is a quad-copter and the other is the development ...  read more

On the spectra of scale-free and small-world networks
Mircho Mirchev

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This paper reviews the most commonly used models of complex systems and networks -Erdos -Renyi, Watts-Strogatz and Barabasi-Albert models. These models address different sets of properties and phenomena of real-life networks. ...  read more

Definitions for disruptive innovation in telecommunication technologies
Tsvetoslava Kyoseva

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Every industry at a given moment reaches its end of development, a tipping point where the saturation of the market by products, services and technologies is inevitable. This article analyzes the term innovation and its specific ...  read more

Issue 1-2, 2014


Vol. 49. No 1-2/2014
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Mario Ivanov
Improvement of the information services by using means of the IT infrastructure library 2

Georgi Balabanov, Seferin Mirtchev
Dynamic queue management of partial shared buffer with mixed priority for QoS guarantee in LTE uplink 7

Elitsa D. Gospodinova, Tashko A. Nikolov
Model of information security system based on distributed data transmission 14

Snejana G. Pleshkova, Kalina Hr. Peeva

 ...  read more

Behavioral modeling and simulation of digital phase-locked loops using VHDL-AMS
Marieta G. Kovacheva

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This paper presents a simulation VHDL-AMS – based model of digital phase-locked loop – PLL (DPLL) for mixed-signal applications. The described model is of behavioral type, which ensures in a large extend its versatility. ...  read more

PSpice model of a brushless machine operating in a generator mode by converting the inverter in a boost converter
Ivan P. Maradzhiev, Emil I. Dinkov

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Brushless machines are increasingly used in various fields of engineering, due to their simplicity, reliability and easy manner for control. The present paper is focused on the machine operation in a generator mode. Modeling ...  read more

Analysis of a current source supplied inverter
Peter T. Goranov

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The article describes the performance of parallel current fed inverter, supplied with ideal current source. The analytical expressions are derived, basic characteristics and parameters are shown with resistive and resonant ...  read more