Hitoshi Suizu

Contact characteristic for Iridium-coated probe
Koichi Miyazono, Toshitaka Yorita, Kenta Fukutomi, Tomonori Tabe, Hitoshi Suizu, Ryota Matsuda, Masayuki Yamauchi, Takeshi Tanaka

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This study considers the issue of higher probe contact resistance associated with oxidation of Al attached to the probe surface. In an experiment involving Al electrodes, there was virtually no increase in contact resistance ...  read more

Preliminary simulation of Magnetron sputtering using Pegasus software
Hitoshi Suizu, Ryota Matsuda, Tomonori Tabe, Hiroshi Toyota, Takeshi Tanaka

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In an r.f.-d.c. coupled magnetron sputtering system, the magnetron discharge was generated by a 13.56 MHz r.f. source, and a d.c. power was simultaneously applied to a tin target through a low-pass filter in order to control ...  read more