Electron lithography

Radiation-Induced Degradation of Two Organic Pollutants from Aqueous Solution on Nanocomposites
Zohra Bouberka, Abdelouahab Nadim, A. Khalil Benabbou, Ulrich Maschke

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TiO2 colloid / LDHs clay nanocomposites, prepared by direct coprecipitation method, were used as photocatalysts in the reaction of (3-(4-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea) and 4-chlorophenol decomposition in water. ...  read more

Electro-Optical Devices by Electron Beam Technique: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials
Ulrich Maschke, Mohamed Bouchakour, Yazid Derouiche, Zohra Bouberka

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This contribution focuses on a detailed investigation of polymerization/crosslinking process, either induced by UV radiation (λ = 365 nm), or by electron beam exposure of polypropyleneglycoldiacrylate monomers, in conjunction ...  read more

Mask Less Lithography Cluster for Low and Medium Volume Manufacturing
Viacheslav V. Kazmiruk, Ilya G. Kurganov, Tatiana N. Savitskaja

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In the paper is presented a technological cluster for mask less e-beam lithography (ML2) and metrology for fast non destructive defect inspection and review, and for CD, 2D and 3D measurement.

The cluster potentialities comply ...  read more

Study of Electron Beam Resists: Negative Tone HSQ and Positive Tone SML300
Ivan Kostic, Anna Bencurova, Anna Konecnikova, Pavol Nemec, Adrian Ritomsky, Elena Koleva, Katia Vutova, Georgi Mladenov

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In this paper the contrast and sensitivity characteristics are investigated concerning the negative tone electron beam resist HSQ (hydrogen silsesquioxane) and the positive tone SML300 electron beam organic resist, designed ...  read more