Electron guns and electron beam mashines

The Exploitation of Concentrated Energy Flows for Welding and Protective Coating Production
M. V. Radchenko, Yu. O. Shevtsov, T. B. Radchenko, D. A. Nagorniy

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The results of coatings properties investigations, made by electron beam and gas powder cladding process and technological demands as well, are presented in the article.

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Electron Beam Welding Machines with Plasma Cathode Gun
Sergey I. Belyuk, Igor V. Osipov, Alexander G. Rau, Grigory V. Semenov

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Electron beam machines with the plasma cathode guns are presented. All machines possess high extent of automation. The high-voltage source has effective protection against breakdowns and small time of restoration. Machines ...  read more

Electron-Optical Characteristics of Beams Generated by Electron Plasma Sources
Vladimir A. Gruzdev, Vitali G. Zaleski

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Electron-optical characteristics of electron beams generated in sources of two types are considered. One of these sources is based on reflected hollow cathode discharge and the other one rests on a modified reflected discharge. ...  read more

Technological Electron Beams Parameters Evaluation Based on the Optical Radiation in Vacuum
Alexey L. Goncharov, Victor K. Dragunov, Andrey P. Sliva, Maksim A. Portnov, Alexey V. Scherbakov, Ivan S. Сhulkov

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The work is devoted to exploring the determining possibilities of the high-power technology electron beams parameters by the beam glow image on the residual gases in the vacuum chamber. Digital camera is used to make images in the visible spectrum.

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Simulation of Time of Current Increasing in Impulse Triode High Voltage Glow Discharge Electron Guns
Igor Melnyk

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In this article defining of the time of current increasing in triode high voltage glow discharge electron guns for investigation its technological possibilities is considered. Provided analyse is based on calculation the parameters ...  read more

An RF Excited Plasma Cathode Electron Beam Gun Design
Sofia del Pozo, Colin Ribton, David R. Smith

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A plasma cathode electron beam (EB) gun is presented in this work. A radio frequency (RF) excited plasma at 84 MHz was used as the electron source to produce a beam power of up to 3.2 kW at -60 kV accelerating voltage. The ...  read more

Characterisation of electron beams generated by a plasmacathode gun
Nikolay Rempe, Sergey Kornilov, Alexander Beniyash, Nils Murray, Thomas Hassel, Colin Ribton

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The paper is devoted to electron beam guns based on the emission of electrons from plasma of a hollow-cathode reflective discharge. The measuring of the diameter and brightness of beam with the rotating wire sensor and scanning ...  read more

Source of Radial Converging Electron Beam for Modification of Long-Length Cylindrical Targets
Vladimir Engelko

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In previous period it was created a method of improving corrosion resistance of construction steel tubes situated in liquid heavy metal coolants (as example Pb and Pb-Bi used in nuclear reactors). At beginning on the steel ...  read more

High Angle, High Integrity Beam Deflection
Colin Ribton

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Electron beam surface treatment and 3D printing impose stringent beam deflection requirements. The deflection must be of high frequency (some 50 kHz), high amplitude (10 s of μm) and accurate (to within 10 microns). Methods ...  read more