electron beam

New multi cavity industrial electron accelerators ILU
Vadim V. Bezuglov, Alexandr A. Bryazgin, Mikhail V. Korobeynikov, Evgeniy N. Shtarklev, Alexey V. Sidorov, Vadim O. Tkachenko, Alexandr Yu. Vlasov, Leonid A. Voronin

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Powerful industrial pulse radio frequency (RF) electron accelerators ILU are designing and producing by Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics during many decades. New multi-cavity ILU12 and ILU-14 accelerators were designed ...  read more

Some topics and other applications of electron beam
Masud Naraghi

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In this paper one of the applications of the electron beam presented is for simulation of electron density of plasmas to calibrate microwave electron density probes during the blackout period of reentry vehicles to earth atmosphere, ...  read more