Electron beam melting and refining

Recent Progress in Development of Gas-Discharge Electron Beam Guns Providing Extension of Their Technological Capabilities
Vitalii G. Melnyk, Ihor. V. Melnyk, Borys A. Tugai, Dmytro V. Kovalchuk

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Long operating experience of gas-discharge electron beam guns in different technological processes has allowed to investigate their special behavior features and to determine what must be improved in their design for providing ...  read more

Modern Electron Beam Technologies and Equipment for Melting of Metals and Alloys, Deposition of Protective Coatings, Production of Composites Condensed from Vapor Phase and Powders
M. I. Grechanyuk, Andrey G. Melnyk, Igor M. Grechanyuk, Vitalii G. Melnyk, Dmytro V. Kovalchuk

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Report is dedicated to the last achievements of Scientific and Production Enterprise Eltechmash in development of laboratory and industrial equipment for electron beam melting and physical vapor deposition of different materials. ...  read more