Electron beam and ion lithography

Fabrication of high performance carbon nanotube cold cathode electron beam (C-beam) for various devices
Hyeon Hee Yang, Hye In Lee, Jung Su Kang, Kyu Chang Park

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We fabricated high performance cold cathode electron beam with carbon nanotube (CNT) emitters. High performance cold cathode electron emitters show more than 150 mA electron emission current and long-time operational stability. ...  read more

A multi column lithography system for low and medium volume mask manufacturing
Viacheslav V. Kazmiruk, Ilya G. Kurganov, Alexander A. Podkopaev, Tatiana N. Savitskaja

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In the paper is presented multicolumn e-beam lithography (MCL) system intended generally for production of templates.

The system was designed in two versions: with Schottky emitter and LaB6/CeB6 emitter.

System with Schottky ...  read more

Trends in the development of cobalt production
Valeriya K. Kovacheva-Ninova, Georgi M. Savov, Vania Vassileva, Katia Vutova, Evgeni Petrov, Dobrin Petrov

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Cobalt, as one of the “critical” and “strategically important” metals, plays a key role in the contemporary development of the world’s industry. Cobalt has specialized applications where it is currently impossible ...  read more

35 years of experience in radiation technologies innovation at the ОАО “Public Enterprise “PODOL’SKKABEL” plant
Nikolay I. Gromov, Mikhail N. Gromov, Nikolay K. Kuksanov, Alexander I. Roikh, Rustam A. Salimov

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https://epluse.ceec.bg/wp-admin/poThe technology of cable insulation radiation modifying had a wide application in the industry. The use of such a technology provided the production of a wide range of cables, wires and heat ...  read more