Ekaterina Salomatova

Simulation Evaporation Processes in Electron Beam Welding
Dmitriy N. Trushnikov, Ekaterina S. Salomatova, Aleksey I. Tsaplin, Vladimir Ya. Belenkiy

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In this paper the method of experimental estimation of the temperature in a keyhole in electron beam welding is described on the basis of chemical elements concentration in the vapors above welding zone. The temperature of ...  read more

Chemical composition of the weld formation at high concentrated energy source welding in vacuum
Ekaterina S. Salomatova, Dmitrii N. Trushnikov, Tatiana V. Olshanskaya, Vladimir Ya. Belenkiy

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Results of numerical modeling of formation of a final chemical composition at electron beam welding with oscillations and dynamic splitting of an electronic beam on three thermal sources are presented in this article. Verification ...  read more